Friday, December 17, 2010

Nutcracker Redux

Nutcracker Finale

This is my fourth year performing in a local Nutcracker ballet. For those who haven't heard the story, I am most adamantly not a dancer. I regard my part in the show as more of an extra but it is a lot of fun. I never took a single dance class as a kid. Although I can hold my own in many sports, if not compete, I totally have two left feet. Plus I was not a girly girl and preferred climbing trees and catching frogs to wearing a tutu. I'd say I never wanted to dance as a child but I remember listening to the Nutcracker and Swan Lake on my little record player (I think one of the records was actually pink!) and dancing around my bedroom. So maybe it was fated that one day I'd get a chance to dance it.
Of course, given that I'm on stage you don't get to see a whole lot of pictures of me dancing. One small drawback to being the photographer in the family. We get a video every year but I haven't figured out how to (illegally) upload it onto the net so there you have it.

Death of the Mouse King

My younger son performs in the show every year which is how I got into it but I have reservations about posting his life story publicly since, after all, it is his life and not mine. But I thought I'd share one or two pictures of how the show looks.
In my humble opinion, yours truly was merely above average but the show was amazing!


paula said...

i think its cool you do this every year, always happy to see and hear the outcome :)

Kathe said...

"Upload" to the 'net. And *ahem* "younger" son. ;^)

JL said...

I remember how nervous you were the first year you did it, and your trepidation about posting pictures or anything. Four years now? Wow!


Teo said...

How wonderful! It's great that you do this every year and I bet that besides all the work, there's lot of fun and a rewarding feeling too! Congratulations!!

Leovi said...

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful compositions on his blog. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes. Leovi.

sarala said...

Kathe, I'm making your corrections. Embarrassing I got the sons mixed up!