Thursday, August 19, 2010


A Helpful Hand

The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.
Diane Arbus

So you knock on a strangers door (or in real life ring their buzzer, another loss to technology) and they show you in, offer you a bed, show you their town, take you to a craft market and feed you a wonderful seafood dinner. You fall into bed late ready to really hit the big city (Porto) the next day. What could be better?
Food was in a lovely setting--a seafood place that overlooked the shore. Unfortunately the paella we had was oversalted. We all agreed on that. Then dessert and a friendly fight over who had to eat the last piece of cake. If you can squabble over cutting a little piece of pastry into increasingly small fractions, think one-fourth, then one-eighth and so on, all the while laughing, you know you're among good people.
Unfortunately for the rest of my tale, I have to go to work.
Tomorrow I see my family in Seattle. I'm barely over my first bout of jet lag and I'm off to a plane again. But it will keep my camera happy!


JAZEVOX said...

what an interesting photograph, makes me thinking if its a door knob with a hand on it already, so how can people turn the door knob?

have a good trip, hope one day i can roam around Seattle better than just passing by and at the airport. jazevox

Rayne said...

Very nice capture. Love the turquoise color.
When I was in Germany I was constantly taking photos of windows, doors, latches, knockers (the ones on the doors...) and so on. I loved all of the little surprising decorations in Europe.
It sounds like you had a wonderful time.