Friday, August 13, 2010

Adventures in Port

Little Church in Porto

Not a cruise nor a drunken binge a la Charles Dickens, merely one of the highlights of my vacation to Spain and Portugal. I've been back since Sunday night, a mere 4 days, and the jet lag is still affecting my mental status. Hopefully I haven't made any major clinical mistakes since I've been back to work for 3 days. I still fall asleep too early and feel at times as if I've just pulled an "all nighter." This is keeping me from writing about my experiences and, of course, sharing all my pictures.
I'm saving the highlights, including some wonderful friends I made in Portugal, for a day when my brain feels less muzzy. I'll be back to tell you all about it before the Alzheimer's sets in and I forget all the details.

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paula said...

good god this photo makes ME feel dizzy! can't wait to read/see more, feel better and back to you soon!