Sunday, June 06, 2010

More Square

Woman in White Tee, Doubled

Inspired by the crowds drawn by our local art fair, I decided to frame the neighbors and neighborhood through my front door. The beveled glass makes for the odd duplications which are, I think, half the fun.

Black umbrella and twin girls in pink

I had fun spying and browsing the fair. I usually pick up a couple of small items of jewelry to lighten up my otherwise drab work attire. Besides I can't really afford the larger art. I saw some prints, ceramics, metal work, leather books, and paintings I liked. I may include some links in a later post. I'm not sure if the artists would allow photographs. I hope to go out again today for some crowd shots at the least. And more squared photos to follow.


paula said...

this is brilliant photography...too much fun, really. good job!

Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent photos, the duplication effect is very eye catching

ArtPropelled said...

Great fun! The double imaging appeals to me.


I love your shots! i like the duplication! Great idea! Blessings!

Beverly said...

Oh I love the duplication. How do I learn to do that? regards
Beverly Bling

A Free Man said...

I love the effect, very clever!