Monday, May 17, 2010


Find a good idea and then claim it for yourself. That is the subject of this blog post. I found this great little book at my local used bookstore. It is hard to turn down an art book for $4.95. So of course I bought it. I fell in love with the photos of squares in all shapes and sizes and decided to make a photo series of my own found squares. Here are a few with more to come in future posts. I suspect circles will be next but you never know.

Children's Hospital Construction
The new Children's Memorial Hospital under construction in downtown Chicago.

Through the Front Door
My front door has squares of beveled glass.

Detail of a manhole cover.


paula said...

well THAT was fun!

JL said...

Chicago is laid out more or less in squares and an extremely sensible grid format; the blessing of the Fire. However, I've found it becomes a handicap when traveling, as there remains, at least in me, a firm conviction that ALL cities, large or small, should be arranged so, and leads to a state of mental frustration in places like, say, London, which appears (by my Chicago standards) to have been designed by a flock of wandering sheep on acid.

NaomiRisa said...

aspiring :)