Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo Fiction

Old photo

I found this fascinating old photo in a bookstore and couldn't resist buying it for a writing prompt I was doing. The prompt was to write a letter based on the photograph. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Uncle Al,
Mom and Dad got a new car last month. They'd been saving up forever. You should have seen how proud Dad was the first time he fired the thing up. He wore his Sunday church outfit even though it was only Saturday and honked the horn so loud I think all the neighbors must have looked out their windows at us.
Mom didn't drive, of course, because she never learned how but she looked pretty proud too sitting in the driver seat. She was all dressed up too even though they only drove around the block.
Mom says all us kids are going to learn to drive when we're old enough, even the girls. I can't wait! I'm almost 15-1/2 so it won't be long now.
Well, last week we drove to church and the car just wouldn't start up again. Some of the guys helped push the car into the street a ways and somehow it started up again. It made an awful wheezy noise like Grandpa when his lungs get bad. Dad looked pretty worried. Mom told him it was all right. Cousin Bill is studying to be a mechanic over at the gas station and will fix it for free.
That's about all the news. I start back at school next week. I'm not sure if I won't quit school when I'm 16 and look for a job. I hear one of the factories in Gary is hiring. Mom got kind of mad when I said that so don't tell her I told you. You know how much we need the money, especially with Mom expecting again. Anyway, Mom is looking at me like it's time to do some chores.
Your Nephew, Eddie

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Jud said...

Nice writing. I like the car. I think it is an old Chevrolet sedan, in the mid-1930s range.

My dad had one for his first in the 1950s, so I inherited a lot of pictures of the old car with dented fenders and what not.

Thanks for sharing.