Sunday, September 06, 2009

Backyard Buddies, or Is It Bunnies?

The Better to Eat You with My Dear

What the Cat Was Watching

My closest neighbors.

What's Up Doc?


A Free Man said...

They're lovely neighbors. Even the spider!

JL said...

Nice spider. I have an enormous one that lives in the compost bin.

Also, an underground nest of yellowjackets by one of the back porch pillars, interestingly the same pillar I got the kittens (now cats) out of.

No more bunnies around, though, and I'm concerned about the bats; I haven't seen any lately and I'm concerned about the bat fungus that may be on its way...

Jud said...

We have lots of rabbits and squirrels in the woods behind the house. Spiders, but not many web builders that I have.