Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not blogging much and more

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I wish I could tell you why the impulse to blog just comes and goes. All I can say is that some days I just stare at my blog and nothing seems to be worth writing about.
I've been busier again. Younger son returned from a month long stay at summer camp with a cold and fever. We had a last summer trip to visit family planned and had to postpone it until we were sure the plague had run its course. My older son got a mild version of the illness but my husband and I have missed out on all the fun.
I admit to being disappointed about not going to see my family. I miss them and there is a new baby I haven't seen yet.

(Captifs, detail of sculpture by Martin van der Bogaert, in the Louvre)

--Deep breath--I wasn't sure if I could/should post this news since it isn't my story to tell but I will post an abbreviated version--a young family member was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer while we were in Europe. The poor baby has a tough road ahead of him--chemotherapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplantation, surgery and more--and even then his odds aren't the best. My heart is breaking for him and his parents. We were going to visit but we can't visit an immunosuppressed toddler while sick, obviously.
If I truly believed in the power of prayer, I'd be praying night and day for him. I don't mean I have no personal spirituality, since I do, but I don't think G-d dishes out miracles to those who pray the most. So I treat it in my usual way which is I think too much, and worry too much. Not likely to get a miracle that way either but at least I'm consistent.


Stacie's Madness said...

sad thoughts are with the family for sure.

I've friended you on flickr, you have some great photos!!

Jud said...

That's tough to face, indeed.

I have a family member who is hoping to be released soon - it has been about 120 days since the bone marrow transplant. It is a waiting game, and there just aren't words to offer someone going through it. Or, if there are words, they ring hollow when I try to say them.

I hope you find a muse to inspire you to blog. Your words and imagines brighten my days.

Larry said...

The title not bloging much caught my attenion.I would blog a lot more if I could say what was really on my mind but I am not anonymous so I have to be careful about what I write. That kind of takes the fun out of it.-My mother beat throat cancer and I lost my sister to cancer a few years ago.I hope things go well -treatments are always improving.

Annie said...

Sending good thoughts your way.