Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching up with photos of London


Shutterday's photo theme for the week is color. I enjoyed the colorfulness of this picture, both literal and metaphorical. It was taken on Portobello Road in London--here the shops are largely a bit funky and, dare I say it, colorful.
A bit farther down start the antique shops and, on weekends, the antique fair. This was our first outing in London. We were jet lagged and in search of breakfast--or was it lunch--we were too confused to know. We wound up stopping at a coffee shop that had wonderful scones and pastries. I ordered with a mixed berry crumble that was amazingly good.
We roamed about a bit--I took photos of architecture, we browsed a used bookstore and walked until dinner time arrived. We ate at a nice Italian place. The food was straight out of Tuscany--food is good in London as long as you don't eat English food. Then off to bed in our little flat. Not too bad for a first day's orientation to London.

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