Monday, June 08, 2009

Spam and Bookmooch Update

Copalis Crossing Post Office

OK, every now and then I get a choice bit of Spam I just have to share. Here is today's offering:

DNA Identifies Florida Accountant As Descendant Of Gengnhis Khan

Don't you just want to read on? Not that I did--the mailing contained an attachment and I know better than to open.

And for the Bookmooch update--I am most definitely a fan. So far I have mailed off five books into the ether. I have 11.2 points (each point is approximately one book with extra points for books mailed internationally), have received two books and have two more on the way. One point has been donated to a charity so far. So now I feel all warm and fuzzy!
I have to pace myself listing books so I don't wind up running to the local post office on a daily basis. My neighborhood has one mini-postal outlet which is very convenient (walking distance). I got the sense from one of the workers in the office that she feels her job is endangered and that the more business they get the better. So I have another good deed to my name--supporting an endangered job. The other two post offices are definitely not walking distance and are both in marginal neighborhoods.
If I have any objections to Bookmooch, it would be that there should be more clarity with the charitable offerings. One appeared to belong to an individual who decided it would be nice to drop off books at a local hospital but hadn't followed through in months. Others seemed to have more book credits than they knew what to do with! Even so I would have to say that so far I am a satisfied customer.
Another objection is that it is hard to search for books by topic and that I am having a bit of trouble finding books I would like to read. I'm not trying very hard either since my goal is to reduce my total book ownership.


Rayne said...

Love the spam. I hardly ever get interesting ones any more.
Bookmooch sounds like a neat little thing. Going off to check it out now.

A Free Man said...

The spammers are getting clever, aren't they?