Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Friends

Here's to Good Friends

This picture of my son and one of his best friends walking near the beach just speaks to me. I didn't intend anything special from the photo. It was just one of those random snaps. But looking at it I think of paths and where they lead, of friendship, of the passage of time, of the restfulness of sun and sand. Is that what artists mean by perspective? What do you see in the picture?


Jud said...

I like the composition, and once again you have done a good job capturing a moment.

If I were trying to read something into the image, it would be this:
These two friends, on the road of life. It has been smooth so far, but they are beginning an upward climb - some hills and challenges are coming.

One seems to be taking the middle way. Perhaps this fellow is more bound by structure and convention, likes rules and process and enjoys the security that these things provide.

The other seems to be nearer the edge of the path, perhaps breaking out on his own and being more independent, creative and radical, perhaps headed to more dangerous areas.

There is an interesting contrast to their costumes, too. Each is composed of some light and some dark, as are we all.

But the sun is shining, and the prints of the feet of numerous other travels reminds that this human journey is one we all share.

That is what I see.

A Free Man said...

Very nice one. I love these candid shots, from behind. You get the real soul of your subject.

It's definitely summer in the northern hemisphere, isn't it?