Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chicago Photoblogging

Hot Food is Free in Lawndale
Lawndale church, Chicago, Illinois

My photoblog was just listed as one of 20 Awesome Photography Blogs--Chicago. I'm flattered especially since I have trouble with the image downloads on that site and they tend to lose much of their sharpness. Thanks to Rick of I Love Photo Blogs. As anyone who reads here much knows I love taking pictures of Chicago. I feel I can never run out of material!
In fact, one of the only reasons I look forward to the onset of winter and bad weather is that I can get back to taking shots of some of the less safe neighborhoods. Call me chicken but I have to wait until the drive by shootings calm down for the year. Just this week a high school student at my son's school was held up at gun point at 8 PM on a Sunday. I love the south side but it has its moments! This isn't the only recent incident and I am keeping a closer watch on my kids than normal. The colder weather tends to keep the bad guys and the good guys indoors more.
I'm off to work in a few minutes but when I have the time I will check out the other 19 Chicago photoblogs. I've learned a lot about my adoptive home town from other photographers.


Eric Allix Rogers said...

Heh, I feel the same about cold weather. I don't like having people in my photos, and I don't like taking photos when people are out and about and watching me. I picked the wrong day to go to Altgeld Gardens this was gorgeous out, and there were people everywhere glaring at me!

self taught artist said...

well look at you! congrats on being listed in the 20 awesome photography blogs. NO SMALL FEAT. I'm so impressed!!!!!

i love your chicago pictures, i love your city pictures, i love most of them, even the stupid birds!

Larry said...

Congratulations! That's quite an honor! It's nice that you like photography and are always interested in finding more subjects.-You definitely have the eye to capture interesting photos.

JL said...

I will never call you chicken, although I do worry about you doing that sometimes. You know that.

Your photos richly deserve the accolades. I've told you that before. Maybe now you'll believe me/us?

We had a guy jump out of his car after a chase, and run across a parking lot and leap through a McDonald's drive-through window in the process of taking an order, and hole up in the PlayPlace tubes, where the police had to pepper-spray him.

So my daughter's favorite PlayPlace is sort of shut down right now.


Rayne said...

I didn't even know you had a photoblog! It's fantastic. Totally deserving of many awards. You are truly a talented photographer.
I know what you mean about the drive-bys. When we moved to Omaha I had no idea the crime was so bad. I had the same thoughts as every one else. A little, corn-growing, podunk, pseudo city. I couldn't have been more wrong. Shootings every day. Gangs are at all points on the compass. It just seems to be getting worse every day.

Annie said...

you deserve it!