Thursday, September 21, 2006

Randomness and Skepticism

Random 1: Blogger beta really needs to let us link to Blogger sites and so forth. I cannot even comment on a site I like anymore or use the link function.
Random 2: I don't have much time to write before work this morning but I have a new project. My random surfing brought me to some skeptic blogs. And by fate or coincidence, last night I was at a professional meeting and suggested that members of my profession should put more educational information about quack medicine out into the ether (or on paper). So now I am thinking of submitting to Skeptics Circle about one of my pet peeves. I have many so I won't commit to which one at present. I have some serious family obligations this weekend so don't hold your breath. Stand by for a little controversy.
Random 3: I'm not sure what photo co-ordinates well with this theme but doesn't this cow look skeptical?

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