Saturday, September 16, 2006

My bad

I've been riding around with out-of-date license plates tags since April. I didn't even notice the tags were expired until I got a ticket (sigh) in June. I missed the notice to renew the tabs in the first place (long story) and who looks at their back license plate closely? I spent so much of the summer traveling that I didn't get around to the renewal until July. By this point it was too late to get a new tab on-line or via a currency exchange. Renewing the tabs requires a long trip to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. Not my idea of a fun way to spend my spare time. But the tickets accumulate. To avoid being further fined for my non-compliance with the local car tax, I cannot park on city streets and especially not at meters. I cannot be pulled over for a moving violation (a good idea to avoid anyway). And it turns out that the parking lot at work is not safe either (that was a $20 ticket--the fine in my home city is $50). Generally my garage at home is safe but you never know.
So here's the list of today's chores (shared with spouse). Pick up child 2 40 minutes away from home to take to 11 AM soccer game. Pick up child 2 from soccer game 15 minutes early to take to 12 noon dance class. Go downtown to buy child 2 new dance shoes (time permitting). Postpone weekly grocery shopping to Sunday. Enroll child 1 in soccer and ceramics class. Consider going to buy soccer shoes for child 1. See if child 2 needs new soccer shoes. Help child 2 with homework. Drill vocabulary words for foreign language class. Go to DMV. Follow up on work issues I procrastinated on. Etc.
See why I don't get my tabs on time?
Maybe I'll spend all day playing on the internet instead.

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