Friday, February 06, 2015

All fenced in

Iron and Ice I have been playing with a number of photo memes of late.  It keeps me on my toes processing my photos which tend to languish on my computer and never see the light of day.  It has also been helping me keep my feeble resolution to revive this blog.  I just discovered the photo meme Good Fences which rounds up photos of, obviously, fences. I could see that week after week it would be challenging to find interesting shots of fences, but in winter snow fences become a work of minor sculpture and I have some shots already. Long Suffering Tree This tree is showing a lot of signs of wear. Chicago weather and a neighboring elementary school probably account for a lot of the damage. Waves of White Waves of snow on garden edging.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, these are awesome! thanks for sharing them, and i hope you'll continue linking up at good fences! thanks, sarala!

Christinchen said...

Love the snow! So picturesque! thanks for dropping by my blog :)