Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day

4th of July from Dave Long time no see. I have had a few adventures I ought to post about but today's post is in honor of the holiday. Today is the U.S. Independence Day for my non-American friends. Celebrating usually involves fireworks and picnics but at 98 degrees who wants to be outside? It seems as if the whole country is having a heat wave. I find this a little frightening. Will most summers be like this from now on? I keep thinking of buying property in northern Canada (LOL). Instead of picnicking we will have friends and family over and eat barbecued food but alas even the eating (although not the barbecue) will be outside. We'll enjoy it nonetheless. Another sign of the times is Chicago no longer holds its big downtown fireworks festival. I think the crowd control got too big to manage. Yet another loss. There is a lesser show at Navy Pier on Lake Michigan but it just isn't the same without the picnic by the band shell and the 1812 Overture being timed to the fireworks. Happy Holiday to all you locals and Happy Hump Day (Wednesday) if today is just another ordinary work day. Sarala. Washington BTW here is what is on the back of the cards: July 4 card-postmarked in 1910's and addressed to Miss Eva Brawn Danville R-3-Bot(x?) 54 Ala, "Hello Eva how are you I got home all OK and hope you are well by this time I done been plowing my cotton this morning. I gess I will sing at Johnsons chapple Sunday I recieved your card all OK by by" (punctuation and spelling maintained) George Washington card: postmarked Carroll Ohio, Feb 23 1910 to Mrs Mary Barger, Piketon, Pike Co. Ohio. "Hello Mrs. Barger. I got here all right and am feeling first straight and hope you are all well. Tell Lizzie Hello. Mrs. Harris"


Jud said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful cards! Little One and I headed to the northern end of our state to my mother's home where we enjoyed the pleasure of the company of many our relatives from Indiana. I drove back home and missed the fireworks. The heat seemed too oppressive for me, even at night.

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