Monday, July 11, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want to.

Chicago Confidential

I'm taking the day off work to play in town in honor of my hemi-centennial. Can't decide quite how old I feel. Depends on the moment. The book is more vintage than I am though.

Here is a quote from Chicago Confidential, by Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer, c. 1950:
"The actual circumscribed Loop was once hailed as the diadem in Chicago's golden crown. But it became the stone in her gallbladder."

I think I'll go check out the stone and see how bad it really is in 2011. Cheers.


paula said...

i got the big 50 coming in september...incredible isn't it?
well, here's to you, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!

phonelady said...

Love it and be careful of the stone LOL !!!

Jud said...

Well happy birthday.

Alexa said...

Happy BIrthday! And I own that book:

JL said...

I used to own that very book; I gave it to friends when I departed the Windy City. There were others: Washington, DC Confidential, et al. I hate to tell you this, but EVERYTHING in that book is true. Completely.

I also owned a copy of Hugh Hefner's first cartoon book (HH was a cartoonist, originally. As a senior he drew the cartoons for his yearbook from Steinmetz High School) entitled THAT TODDLIN' TOWN, featuring many, many single-panel cartoons of drunken, horny sailors from Great Lakes Naval Base.


Snail said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a spare nothing, spare nobody kind of day!