Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How was your Thanksgiving?

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We had a lovely evening with a few friends and family. Not much fuss, just comfort. After dinner we chatted and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in honor of our plan to see the latest Harry Potter movie the next day (which we did). We all "grew up" on Harry Potter, the adults as parents reading aloud to our kids, and the kids by listening, then reading themselves. All of us except my sadly ignorant brother-in-law who can't figure out what the fuss is about. I guess he has no "inner child".
I haven't been here much of late. I'm in rehearsals for my yearly Nutcracker performance which is in two weeks. We are also doing some back income taxes--this is an ordeal when you own your own business, and applying for high school for my younger son. I feel buried in paper!
Last month we survived my younger son's Bar Mitzvah which was wonderful but again left me feeling tapped out. I'm hoping things will quiet down by winter break. Then again--do they ever?
Hope you holiday was wonderful (if you celebrate) and your winter holidays are better still.

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paula said...

well brotherinlaw...if you are reading this i am sadly ignorant too. never grew up on potter..never read or watched or got what the fuss is about. i do have an inner child though :)
turkey looks good...i have also never made a thanksgiving meal.
suddenly i do not feel normal ....
hope you have a chill out time, sounds like you are wanting stillness.