Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting for Obama

Obama Speaks

Yesterday I did something political and this is somewhat out of character for me. Yes, I occasionally talk politics, yes I generally vote, but show up at a rally? Not likely. Nonetheless, how could I refuse when the latest rally was just down the block from me? So my husband and I walked a few blocks south, waited in line, submitted to security and stood at what felt like a rock concert with lousy acoustics. Being old, neither of us recognized the lead band but we otherwise felt right at home among the professors, students families and usual south side faces.

Little Green Men

The rally was orderly, with kids playing ball, a few eccentrics in costume, a socialist or two, University of Chicago students reading textbooks while they waited, and so on. I wished I had brought a book but we were encouraged to leave any bags at home. Laptops were forbidden but not cameras. I had three in my pockets (so as not to have a camera bag) not counting my Blackberry. I also could have used gloves and a warmer coat once the sun went down and the wind came up. Actually the politicians weren't too windy. Daley was there to a chorus of boos (we Chicagoans are quite pissed off when he sold our parking meters to the highest bidder) as were the Governor and our alderman.

The crowd

The choreography could have been better. There was too much down time and not enough Obama. By the time he showed up, I was overdue for child transportation and we actually walked out on the main event. This didn't mean I missed being stuck in motorcade traffic.
Was I overwhelmed with democratic fervor? Not really but I felt part of the process as I do every time I vote no matter how lackadaisically. And I can say forever more that I stood on the same field as Obama.

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