Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Secret Garden

Secret Garden

I saw this gated entry somewhere in Portugal. I think I took the photo out the car window. The angle is far from ideal but for some reason I love this door and inner courtyard. There is a feel of mystery, decay and a desire to explore further. I wish I had stopped for a better shot.
But isn't that always the feel you have after a voyage? Of opportunities missed and desire to return to complete the unfinished? At least I feel that way.

This Oldest House


Beverly said...

Love the photos. The house looks like its got quite a few stories to tell. It reminds me of Miss Haversham's place in "Great Expectations".
cheers BeverlyBling from Swap-bot

paula said...

nice post. like your pictures as usual...wish i could have been stomping around with you.

lisaschaos said...

The colors are wonderful! I would love to travel there!