Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still Stoned

Turk and Hickey, 1947

It is amazing what you can find if you look. So who were Turk and Hickey? 1940's gang members? High school students? Both? The stone lives on for us to interpret as we please.


Crook and friends, dated 1948 to 1958.


Larry said...

I always wonder what the people were like that leave theri names behind.I'm always reading tree carvings and even better-initial carvings on old wooden covered bridges.

JL said...

Those are some of the rare examples of 'vintage' grafitti; in those past, olden days, most grafitti was done in chalk.
I'm sure you've seen it in photos, white drawn pictures and words; before the advent of spray paint it was mostly in chalk, with rare examples in paint, which had to applied out of a can with a brush, and therefore wasn't as convenient or portable.

Very cool.

paula said...

i am more fascinated by those ugly shoes!!!!