Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fish Sliders?

Fish Sliders?

I wasn't introduced to White Castle until I moved to Chicago in my 20's. Even now I can't stomach the idea of a slider (a tiny hamburger on white bread) but a fish slider is scary. Please don't make me try one.


Anonymous said...

Hello there:

Your photos on flickr led me to your blog. The BMNHAC would like to ask your permission to use you photos.
I'm only interested in those in the Bronzeville area. We are a small non profit hoping to become a big one so unfortunately we wont be able to pay you for your work. We are glad to give you the credit and any additional exposure that may come with. Here's our website: If you need additional info or would like to talk more contact me at

Jud said...

Don't like White Castles? Really? Hmmm. Down South we have a chain called Krystal's that sells a very similar product.

JL said...

My favorite was a McDonald's near my old house in Illinois that posted a promotion that read:


I assume it was supposed to read 'BIG N TASTY'. The weird part is that it was up on the board for months! Nobody changed it! And no, I did not ever try the Big Nasty at McDonald's.

JL said...

I came up with the most awesome tag for this new product at White Castle:


hahahaha! Okay, I'm really sorry.