Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hannukah

Here are a couple of postcards I made in honor of the holiday.

Celebrate Hannukah

One for Each Night

Not exactly fine art but the sentiment is real. I'm looking forward to lighting the first candle tonight with my family.
I am in the last of three dress rehearsals for tomorrow's and Sunday's Nutcracker performances. This is my third year in a secondary role as an adult party goer. This year I wear an ugly green velvet dress. I'd say the highlight for me is dancing a polka.
Of course, even more important is getting to see my son dance. This year he dances a fairly important role as the Mouse King. Of course, as in most family plays, the evil character, in this case a mouse, is slain at the end.
If all goes well, I'll have a few pictures to post in the next couple of days.


Postcardy said...

Happy PFF! I like your cards.

Sherrie said...

Your postcards are very pretty! I like the colors! Have a great weekend and enjoy your play.

A View of My Life

Marie Reed said...

I'm looking forward to seeing those photos then! How delightful that you're all in the play together.. even if you got stuck with an ugly green dress! Happy Hanukkah! Shabbat Shalom:)

paula said...

have a great weekend doing your polka, and have a good holiday and i love your first postcard, its fantastic!

Jud said...

Very nice, indeed.

Sheila said...

You made them yourself?! I am so impressed because I couldn't attempt it.

Irene said...

Your cards are great. Happy dancing. Looking forward to your photos.

Lyneen said...

PFF... Congrats to your son the Mouse King... what fun to both be in the same play. Break A Leg. Your post cards are perfect for the season

Christine said...

Nice cards - and it sounds like you are making the most of the holiday season. live it up...and congratulations to your son on his role in the Mouse King.