Thursday, April 02, 2009

Greater Mount Avery

Greater Mount Avery

I'm still processing photos from my last photo outing on the far South Side of Chicago. This church has a "Youth Explosion" Tuesdays at 6. Since I have a teenager and a tween in my house, I have some horrible images of what a "youth explosion" is like. I'm sure the church event is much tamer.
I've had busy days lately so not much posting. Best, S.


Larry said...

The term youth explosion does make one curious as to what is going on.I guess that's the point.Now I have to google youth explosion to figure out what it is xactly.

LN said...

We get flyers to the schools all the time advertising various programs at churches for two things: anything, desperately, trying to keep kids from wandering the streets aimlessly to find what they will, and to suck in their parents for monetary gain.

The ghetto world is a tough one, and I'm cracking currently, and not in the current vernacular meaning (as in, "that shit be crackin!").

I don't know know why you take pictures of these pissant churches: to me, they are a sign of the extirpation of hope. These are typically buildings originally designed for other, more useful purposes, and at their point in time have no other conceivable use.

By the time the investment of areas has degraded to the point of storefront churches, the place is beyond hope.

Speaking as a veteran. I'm trying to be nice, but really, what you may see as signs of life are truly signs of co-option with corruption, decay, and death. These storefront churches are not religious in nature at all. They are products of the corrosive zones in which they appear.

I'm telling you the truth.

Sincerely, Joel.

PS: I'll send you some nice rat pictures, and look for hope elsewhere.