Monday, June 09, 2008


You're not going to get a macro of my nose on this site!!!

Sleeping cat

My cat doesn't get to give informed consent or she'd refuse.


Kathe said...

She doesn't get to consent, 'cause she's dead!

JL said...

Cats are slobs. The old saw about cats being cleaner than dogs is a bunch of bullshit.

Just a thought.

sarala said...

I once took a class on Epizootiology--the epidemic diseases of animals. My professor swore that cats were the worst disease carriers of all the "pet" animals. I still figure an indoor cat can't catch too many diseases. Besides, I work with kids "little plague carriers" in my book.

Rayne said...

Fantastic photo! Love how cats sleep.
I have both cats and a dog, and I would rather my cat sleep on my bed than the dog. She's a sweet pup but loves to roll in all sorts of horrid things.
Our vet in Germany told us that my children were in more danger of getting sick from my hamster than my cats. He strongly recommended that I didn't let small children handle the hamster at all.

JL said...

L's cat, Mestofolees, is currently wandering the house with his head covered in cobwebs which he hasn't bothered to clean off, Barley Mow is rolling in the fireplace, and the Gang of Four have so far this morning:

-Jumped in their food bowl and tacked wet food all over the place, which the ants are enjoying;
-Little Black jumped on the computer table and then barfed on the keyboard;
-Scattered mail all over the room;
-and sundry other activities, not to mention they stink.

Naturally, I have two of them in my lap right now...

Andrée said...

Fantastic shot! I'm glad she doesn't have the choice so that I have the pleasure.