Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stuck Truck

Stuck Truck

So I'm walking down the street looking for things to take pictures of and there is this truck stuck under the el tracks. I snap a few pictures and move on. Next I noticed these knitted things on a pole and decide to take a picture of this new fad in urban adornment.

Pole Wrapped

Some homeless guy notices me and tells me I ought to be taking pictures of the truck. He thinks I could make $300 for the pictures. I really want to tell him that #1 I wouldn't make any money for the shot and #2 Butt out! I don't like pushy panhandlers. When I'm out and about I prefer to be left alone with my camera and my thoughts. Instead of saying anything, I pretend I have no interest in the truck (which I already have 5 pictures of), roll my eyes and walk on.
The truck was stuck on a major downtown intersection and was already causing a bit of traffic. I saw the driver check the tires and now I know that letting some of the air out might be the solution. I wish him luck.

How Tall is This Truck

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Larry said...

That must be an uncomfortable moment in life for that poor truck driver.-I'd be afraid to drive a truck for that reason alone-always having to worry about clearance.