Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen--Thirteen birds

Parrot at feeder

Here are thirteen birds I've recently photographed.
1. Red winged blackbird.
2. Northern Flicker
3. American Goldfinch
4. Starling
5. White crowned sparrow
6. Cooper's Hawk
7. Canada Goose
8. Yellow bellied sapsucker
9. House sparrow
10. American Kestrel
11. Magnificent Frigatebird
12. Junco
13. Monk Parrot

You can see many of these photos on my blog and others on my Flickr site (click on widget on sidebar) in my set labeled Birds (duh!).


Kathe said...

You forgot "etc..etc...etc".

Andree said...

Yikes. Good list. Ironically I was thinking of using the (only) 5 bird species I have photographed in the Photo Hunt this week but then I warped into Sunday and felt it was too late. I got 3 more species this weekend (double yikes: I only had 2 before?).